The firm of Herbert K. Ryder, Architect has been providing architectural services from its office in the historic village of Basking Ridge, New Jersey for over thirty-five years. The firm has produced designs for various styles of new residential, commercial, institutional, and religious projects, as well as additions and renovations. Firm personnel are familiar with the regulations and procedures of state, county and municipal agencies and boards, and work closely with contractors and subcontractors.

Herbert K. Ryder is a member of the American Institute of Architects and has considerable experience in historic and traditional architectural styles. His exterior and interior designs are detailed to accurately follow the latest revival traditions. Herb’s philosophy of design is to provide a building that is optimally suited to the needs of his clients, whether they be homeowners, businesses, churches or other institutions, while ensuring that the building is aesthetically pleasing both in and of itself and within the context of its environment.

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